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Accident Report - WorkFlow Form


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This form is used by a trucking company to track and record any accidents that occur involving their vehicles. It is a straightforward workflow form with the form being completed initially by the driver involved in the accident, and from there it is routed to the vehicle repair and maintenance department and then onto the HR department.

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Stage 1 - Details of Accident

In this company, drivers have access to a PC and in the event of an accident, are required to fill in an Accident Report form which they access from the company Intranet.

The first screen of the form captures details on the vehicle, driver, delivery and truck load, with a notes facility enabling the driver to add in any comments.

Note that as soon as this screen is opened, the date and time appear automatically at the top of the form indicating exactly when the driver started filling in the form.

Some of these fields have drop-down lists for the driver to choose from eg. 'Insurance Company', 'Model', 'Make' and some are free format text fields such as 'Driver Code' and 'DL#'. Dates are easily input from a drop-down calendar appearing below these fields.



Stage 2 - Upload Police Report

On the second screen, more accident details are captured including information on any other vehicle involved.

At this point, if a police report has been issued, it can be scanned and the file uploaded and attached to the form for other staff involved in the process to see.

On completing the form, the driver hits the 'Send' button and an email is automatically sent to the repairs and maintenance department.


Stage 3 - Estimate of Damage

The repairs and maintenance department receives an email indicating that an accident has occurred with one of their vehicles and containing a link to the form.

On opening the form, they are able to view the accident details on the first 2 screens which are now read-only. At this point, they send the vehicle to their chosen repair garage for an estimate. They also request an estimate of damages from the other vehicle involved.

When they have both estimates in, they are required to fill out the 'Estimate Damage' section and attach scanned images of the documents to the form. The 'Committee Meeting' section below is read-only at this stage.




Stage 4 - Committee Meeting Decision

As soon as the repairs and maintenance department submit the form, an email is sent to the HR department informing them that an accident involving one of their staff has occurred.

On opening the form, they are able to view full details of the accident and potential damages. In this case, as the driver has previously been involved in an accident that was caused by him, and as he has been with the company for only 7 months, the HR department contacts the driver's supervisor and a decision is made to give the driver a verbal warning for his actions.

The HR department completes the 'Committee Meeting' section and submits the form.