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Sickness Notification - WorkFlow Form


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All companies will have some sort of procedure for dealing with sick leave. Many will utilize a mixture of paper forms, phone calls and emails to inform relevant staff members.

PerfectForms is an ideal way of automating standard company procedures such as this. If you're still using a paper form or email to ensure everyone is aware you should switch now. PerfectForms will ensure that your staff's valuable time is not wasted on these routine tasks and that exact company procedures are followed.

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Stage 1 - Form Design

This is a screenshot taken at the form design stage. The fields marked with a green 'R' indicate that the form-filler is required to fill in these fields. In this case, the employee must fill in all fields.

The date fields at the top of the form have been selected by the form designer to be linked to a drop-down calendar that appears when the employee clicks on the grey buttons.



Stage 2 - Employee Fills in Sickness Details

Page 1 of the form requires the employee to fill in their contact details, their manager's contact details and the dates they were off sick.

At this point, if the employee chooses to, they can access their employee record to see how many sick days they have already taken.
















Stage 3 - Employee Fills in More Details

The second page of the form asks for details on the nature of the sickness. The 'Reason for sickness' field consists of a drop-down list of ailments from which the employee can choose, or they can choose 'Other' and type in the next field their particular ailment.

If the employee has taken more than seven days sick leave, they are required to attach a doctor's note document to the form which is easily done.

When the employee hits the 'Send' button, an email is automatically sent to the manager specified on the previous page.

















Stage 4 - Manager Approval

The Manager accesses the form by clicking on a link in the email notification. They will be able to view the first 2 pages of the form filled in by the employee but all fields will be read-only.

Page 3 of the form allows them to note or approve the submission or request further information. If more information is required, the form gets sent back to the employee where they will have to add a response into the 'Employee response' box.

In this case no more information is required and on submitting the form, an email is sent to the HR department.















Stage 5 - HR Department Acknowledges Sickness Notification

The HR person dealing with the form acknowledges receipt of the form and adds any comments. On submission of the form, both the Applicant and Mananager receive an email from HR indicating that the sickness request has now been processed.

At this stage data from the form such as sick dates and days taken are automatically transferred to the employee record in the HR system and the employee record is updated.


Stage 6 - Escalations

Throughout the process, a series of escalations are put in place to ensure the process gets completed in a timely and efficient manner.

If the process gets delayed at any stage, for example if the manager doesn’t respond within 2 days, the form gets escalated to another person to ensure that the process gets back on track.

Escalations can be notified by email or displayed on the dashboard, with different colors representing different stages in the escalation of a form.