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VPN Application - WorkFlow Form


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The VPN Application form below provides authorization for people to gain access to a company’s Virtual Private Network, enabling them to work off-site and yet still have access to the company network.  In many organizations, this process is completed by fax, phone calls, paper forms and email and can take considerable amounts of time.

This workflow application maps the whole process onto a single form with built-in approvals, escalations and a defined audit trail. This form can dramatically reduce the time taken to complete this process. In this case the applicant is able to gain access to the VPN the day after their application is made.

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Stage 1 – The Application

This form is accessed by the applicant from the company Intranet.  The applicant completes the form, explaining why they are applying for VPN access.

Information such as the applicant's contact details can be piped in from the company’s Active Directory or LDAP ensuring that the information entered is always correct. 

Once the form is completed, the applicant clicks on the ‘Submit’ button and the form is automatically routed to their manager for approval. 



Stage 2 - Manager Approval

The manager receives an email stating that a VPN application has been made and a link in the email takes the manager directly to the completed form. 

The manager can clearly see by whom, why and when the application was made, and will either approve or reject it. Please note that fields previously hidden from the applicant, such as 'Approved' and 'Rejected' are now shown to the manager.

If rejected, the form is returned to the applicant for additional information. If approved, the form gets automatically routed to the IT department to create a new VPN account.















Stage 3 - VPN Account Setup by IT

Once the VPN account has been set-up, IT accesses the form. IT then marks the form as ‘Complete’ and provides a setup date. These fields were previously hidden from both the applicant and the manager.

Note that another new read-only 'Manager approved' field appears which has previously been hidden. The date in this field was automatically generated when the manager hit the 'Submit' button in Stage 2 and shows IT staff when the application was approved.















Stage 4 - IT Department Completes Form

At this point, IT staff can add into the comments section of the form information on how the applicant can access their VPN account, along with any other instructions. 

On submitting the form, emails are sent to the applicant and manager indicating that the application has been successful, along with account access instructions.















Stage 5 - Applicant Checks Status of Application

At any point, the applicant can check the status of their application.

Here we can see that the form is still at the 'approve' stage and requires the manager to approve the application before the form gets forwarded to the IT department.