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With the PerfectForms e-form solution and design editor your options are limitless.

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E-forms are a great way for your company to save paper, time and money. E-forms are easy to update, always easy to locate, and now they're easier than ever to build, deploy and report on. We have been assisting customers as they design, deploy and report on e-forms, since 2001. All of the expertise we've gained from working with our customers over the years is reflected in the current PerfectForms e-forms solution. But you don't just have to take our word for it; you can read about some of our more recent customer success stories.

The reason our electronic forms are the right solution for so many different businesses is that each form is tailor-made to meet the needs of that particular job. While the forms you normally use are very similar to those used by other businesses, the subtle differences can play an important role in how effectively you implement the data you use in your operation. For each job that you do, create an eform that has exactly the right design and includes every important detail of information. Each form will be detailed specifically for your needs, deployed from the site, and delivered where it needs to be, with perfect consistency.

Electronic forms provide solutions that save businesses valuable time.  E-form workflow goes so much faster, than compiling specific forms for every job manually, completing and deploying each, that your business will improve productivity, by freeing up time for employers at every level.

The specific objectives from customers looking to develop and deploy e-forms always differ, but the key requirements for the development platform are all pretty consistent. The e-forms development solution must be easy to use, and allow for rapid development and deployment of the e-forms that are created. These features are what make PerfectForms the right choice for your business. You create the electronic forms with an easy-to-follow development platform that makes it simple for every member of your team to make a contribution towards improving your e-form workflow. Using e-forms is a benefit that grows, with each member that uses the valuable tool.

E-forms made easy with PerfectForms

PerfectForms enables rapid development of e-forms, workflows, and reports, without ever writing a single line of code. Instead of code, we have created a unique drag and drop graphical editor that enables anyone to build powerful e-forms that are compatible with any browser. PerfectForms even offers mobile compatibility, for those who don't have access to a computer. No matter what system you are currently using, you don’t have to change, in order to create e-forms for your needs. If you or your employees work in the field, you probably rely on your mobile applications for all of your communications needs. Now, you can create an e-form with your phone when you need it, and deploy it immediately, so that it doesn’t have to wait until you are back in the office.

Once you have created an e-form, you can send it by email, post it to a website, provide a link, or make it available inside the PerfectForms Dashboard. You can also easily report on any and all data collected on the e-forms, or any form activity. As an example, you could monitor when the form was opened, who opened it and any information the respondent entered on the e-form. All of the information on the form can be made available to those employees who need access, by the means that is most convenient for your organization. From start to finish, in the office or in the field, PerfectForms is the solution that works for a wide range of businesses -- and it works fast.

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