Employee Appraisal Forms

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Employee Feedback
Employee Feedback

Making Employee Appraisal Forms more Effective

Every year, managers, team leaders and directors are required to fill out employee appraisal forms. Unfortunately, many of them dread this process because it can take so much time, is very often cumbersome and sometimes requires difficult and unpleasant discussions with employees. One way to reduce the stress of completing the employee appraisal process is to use automated forms designed to meet your process requirements. We can’t make difficult discussions easier but we can provide an automated employee appraisal process that ensures the right feedback occurs on time and that everyone, that needs to know, is fully informed.

Since 2001, we have been working with companies to automate business processes, like the employee appraisal process and all the associated forms. If you are just establishing a formal appraisal process for your business, we have several types of employee appraisal forms you can choose from to get started immediately. If you have an established process but are looking for something better, we can provide a tailored solution to meet your exact requirements just about as quickly as you can define them.

Examples of Employee Appraisal Forms

This is an example of a process that includes goal setting at the beginning of the appraisal period (generally administered on a yearly basis). The employee starts this process by submitting proposed goals to their manager. The manager receives an automated email notifying of the submission, a review and discussion take place and once agreement is reached, the goals for the appraisal period are established on the goal setting form. You can automate notifications for periodic reviews or wait until the annual date established for conducting the employee appraisals. Whatever process best meets your needs the goals are automatically transferred to the employee appraisal form where the review feedback and examples can be provided, along with any necessary action planning. Here is an example of an employee appraisal form with goal setting:

The next example starts at the end of the appraisal period where the employee provides a self assessment appraisal. This form is automatically routed to the manager that reviews the self assessment and then provides an employee appraisal considering the input from the employee. Here are examples of the employee appraisal forms with self assessment:

We are ready to assist you with your entire performance management process. We will provide the tools necessary to facilitate the process, reinforce and encourage open discussions and then measure the process performance. To get started, contact us for more information about Employee Appraisal Forms.


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