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Employee Feedback
Employee Feedback

Why collect Employee Feedback?

Do you really know how your employees feel about the company? Are they planning to stay or leave? Do they care about the success of the organization? Without getting feedback directly from your employees, you may never know.

Over two thirds of companies in the United States survey their employees for feedback. They know that surveys, when done well, result in increased employee job satisfaction, increased commitment and engagement. Employees that are satisfied, committed and engaged will drive customer retention and improved profitability.

The goal of getting employee feedback is to improve organizational effectiveness which includes commitment to the company and desire to stay. Retaining your top talent is critical in today’s competitive environment and employee feedback can provide the information necessary for determining which actions will have the biggest impact on retention. Exit interviews can provide insight on why people may leave and Employee Satisfaction Surveys can identify why they stay.

Developing your Employee Feedback Forms

Employee feedback surveys can be quite general or very narrow and specific, depending on what information you would like to collect. Two common types of feedback surveys are employee satisfaction and training evaluation.

Employee Satisfaction surveys are the most common. They will provide general feedback to management on employee perceptions about how they feel about their jobs, HR policies and personnel, compensation, diversity and their intent to stay. The results will point management to specific areas for action. Here are two employee feedback form survey examples:

Training Evaluation surveys are pretty specific and designed to gather feedback from employees on your development programs. They are typically short and to the point, containing as few as 5 questions. Here is an example of an employee feedback form survey to evaluate training:

Why use PerfectForms for Employee Feedback Forms?

Since 2001, we have been working with companies to develop specific feedback form surveys. You don’t need to hire a consultant to develop your survey. Simply start with one of our completed surveys and then leverage our technology to quickly and easily modify it to meet your specific requirements. Contact us to get more information about developing an Employee Feedback Form Survey for your company.


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