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Evaluation Feedback Form


Evaluation forms provide useful feedback on performance, quality and general opinions. They're often used in educational settings to rate teaching skills, reading materials and overall impressions. They're used in hospitals and airports to rank comfort, speed, quality of care and customer service. There are countless uses for these surveys, and they're highly effective research tools if they're designed and deployed effectively.

You don't have to hire a web designer to create and post evaluations on your website. Even if you teach a class or a workshop in your local community, you can learn something from a small sample of people. Design your survey to address general impressions of materials covered, class length and accessibility. Be sure to include a multi-text box for comments and suggestions. This may be all the information you need to improve the learning environment.

Common Business Uses for Evaluation Feedback Forms

Many businesses can benefit from using evaluation surveys. You can ask the general public to submit feedback about your new products or the quality of your customer service. You can also post a contact form on your site to generate leads for new clients. Additionally, the information can be used to connect customers with experienced and knowledgeable sales representatives.

In an office setting, you can use evaluation feedback forms to get a clear picture of how staff members view everything from management styles and incentives to office equipment and parking spaces. You can use this feedback to make necessary changes, without disrupting the flow of the workplace. You can create all of these forms using PerfectForms, a user-friendly tool that is compatible with most web servers and operating systems.

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