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Employee Feedback
Employee Feedback

Achieve Peak Performance with Performance Appraisals

Every organization aspires to have their employees operating at peak performance. It is easy to imagine an organization where every employee understands the company goals and exactly what their role is in achieving the goals. This kind of clarity is easy to imagine but not easy to achieve. Many managers cite the performance appraisal part of performance management as one of the tasks they hate most about managing people. Unfortunately, this ultimately translates to bad feelings about the whole performance management process. Our goal is to make this entire process as easy as possible so employees have a voice, goals are clear, the necessary feedback happens, as scheduled, and you can focus on developing employees to be their best.

We frequently offer three types of performance appraisal instruments – Performance appraisal forms with goal setting and self assessment, performance appraisal forms with employee self assessment and 360 assessment.

Performance Appraisal Forms with Goal Setting

Employees start the process by outlining specific measurable goals for the next period. The goal period is normally a year but you can establish this based on your company needs. Once the employee completes the proposed goals, the document is automatically routed to their manager. After they both agree on the goals, priority and associated measures then the document is stored until it is time to review progress. At this time, the goals are automatically presented in a performance appraisal form to allow the employee to document progress, then the manager to comment and schedule a discussion to review, agree and develop any necessary action plans. Below are examples of this process:

Performance Appraisal Forms with Employee Self Assessment

The employee kicks off this process with a self assessment. The completed self assessment is automatically set to their manager then the manager provides comments a meeting is scheduled to discuss and develop any necessary action plans. Below are examples of this process:

360 Assessment

Typically three groups are selected to participate in the 360 degree review process. The three groups are normally the manager, the employee’s peers and direct reports (if they manage any people in the organization). Of course you can choose any groups you want to participate in the review. After everyone has completed the assessment then reports are generated to compare the responses of each of the groups. This comparison provides the basis to determine areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. Here is an example:

    360 Assessment

We are ready to assist you with your performance management process. We can provide the tools necessary to facilitate the process, reinforce and encourage open discussions and then measure the process performance. To get started, contact us for more information about PerfectForms Performance Appraisal Forms.


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