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Your office will run smoother with PerfectForms purchase order approval process in place.


To get approval on a purchase order, you might have to route a form to several different employees. First, the person requesting the order must correctly and thoroughly fill out the form; then the form must travel to an immediate supervisor who must approve it. Next, the form might have to be signed off on by a director or general manager. Finally, a copy of the order may need to go to the accounting department, while the original might need to be kept on file with the department that originated the order. To make matters even more complex if many purchase orders are over a certain amount there may be additional approvals required.

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Every company has a different established process for purchase order approval. But the general pattern is to complete the form, route it to the correct parties, sign off on the order, and record it. Most likely your existing process might be functional, but it's not very efficient or something is not working quite the way you would like. By automating the purchase order approval process with PerfectForms, you can radically reduce the time and effort involved, while making sure the system always runs smoothly.

Beyond Purchase Order Approval Automation

PerfectForms streamlines much more than just purchase order approvals. Virtually any type of business process can be modeled using the software, from hiring processes to customer satisfaction surveys. Forms can reside on a company website or an internal network and can be easily linked together to further streamline your operations.

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